HS Serving Mini-Camp 1

Saint Louis Volleyball Camp - Chaifetz Arena Pavilion

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Chaifetz Arena Pavilion 1 S. Compton Avenue St. LouisMO  63103
Thursday, July 10, 2014
Chaifetz Arena Pavilion 1 S. Compton Avenue St. LouisMO  63103

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What's Included

For high school players only. Increase your scoring ability from the service line. HS Serving Mini-Camp will reinforce fundamentals while focusing on advanced serving strategies and techniques. Includes standing float and jump serve training. (Note: Although open to high school boys, the net height will be set for high school girls.)

About This Organizer

Camp Director and Saint Louis University Head Coach Kent Miller is the only coach in the region with an Olympic medal to his credit (as an assistant coach of the 1992 US Women's Olympic Team).  As such, he offers unparalleled expertise in teaching both the fundamentals and the more technical aspects of the game. 


Says Miller of the philosophy of his camps, "Our camps are unique in that they provide the beginning player with a sound foundation and yet they also challenge the higher level players helping them improve with advanced technical and tactical training. The key to success in volleyball at any level – including Olympic, professional and collegiate – is sound technique. Clearly, this also applies to the high school, club AND beginning player. With the Olympic team, we spent significant portions of practice training the fundamentals. I do the same with my Saint Louis University team. So it makes sense that in our camps, we use this same approach, developing the fundamental skills and advancing to team play in a fun-filled environment. We work really hard to ensure that each player is challenged at the appropriate level to allow them to improve as much as possible."


Offerings include all skills multi-day camps, one-day position-specific camps, and two-hour mini-camps focused on a specific skill. Camps are available for both girls and boys - some are for both genders and others are gender specific. Age ranges vary depending upon the specific camp. See the website for detailed information.

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  • Saint Louis Volleyball Camp

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Chaifetz Arena Pavilion 1 S. Compton Avenue St. LouisMO  63103
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