Prison Break Adventure Mud Run - Melbourne

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Florida Eco Safaris - Orlando/St Cloud Halowpaw Road, St Cloud St CloudFL  34773
Sunday, March 3, 2013
Florida Eco Safaris - Orlando/St Cloud Halowpaw Road, St Cloud St CloudFL  34773

About This Activity

Half Mud Run / Prison Escape Run. This run is one hell of an adventure, pitting you against nature as you attempt to escape police snipers on your way to the finish.
Food / Beverages

We will provide water/sports drinks at no additional cost throughout the course. We will have beer available for purchase.We will also have food available for purchase through food vendors.

Bathrooms / Facilities

We will have portable bathrooms available on the site. As for running water, we are definitely working on this. It would be wise to bring towels and baby wipes to wipe yourself down after the event. Very good chance we should have water available... we'll just need a REALLY long hose.

Important Details / Items to bring

Loose fitting clothing that you don't mind getting torn or stained. Better safe than sorry. Bug spray, a towel, and sunscreen are also a good idea. Eye protection is MANDATORY so bring your own or we will have it available for $5. BRING CASH.

Group Rates

Email us at for group rates!

What to expect

This isn't your standard obstacle run. Your goal is to survive as snipers attempt to hunt you down. Your goal is to zig when others are zagging, jump when others are diving... and when you hear someone yell "sniper" just keep on running! You will experience tons of nasty, swampy, muddy terrain. We build our courses into nature using real nasty mud, not the imported mud boxes you are used to. This is the real deal... and it will suck you in...

Free Stuff

Everyone wants something "free". Everyone that participates will receive a participation medal and a draw string bag. Want shirts? Glasses? And other cool gear? We will have that too... but we promise, we will keep the prices reasonable!

We have received information that numerous prisoners (you) have escaped from the Orange County Correctional Facility. Unfortunately, for you (the escapee), the prison doesn't want you to return. You are now running for your life through the forest, jumping logs, crossing creeks, and sneaking through fields in an attempt to avoid police snipers that are hot on your trail.

This event is like NO OTHER mud run. We are going to let you loose on a large tract of land in Orlando (St Cloud), Florida and it is your job to follow the trail without getting shot! That's right, it is part mud run, part prison escape adventure. We are literally going to have dozens of snipers hidden with airsoft guns. Their entire job is to take down as many prisoners as possible. Those that survive the trail... get to walk away knowing they could do something so very few can.

The area that we will be running in is COMPLETELY undeveloped. This means it will be as close as we could possibly get to an actual prison break scenario without real prisoners and without real guns.

Since this area is undeveloped, there's plenty of wildlife... lots of trees... lots of scrub... and tons of places to duck and cover while running for your life.

And... during the run, we're going to have plenty of water/check stations. In these areas you will be safe from snipers, you can turn yourself in, AND of course you can enjoy the beverage of your choice. All included!


Parking Donation - $5 per vehicle, $1 per passenger. Goes to conservancy.

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Florida Eco Safaris - Orlando/St Cloud Halowpaw Road, St Cloud St CloudFL  34773
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