Trio Softball Drill

Feel like your up-the-middle defense could use some work? Here's a fun and strenuous drill involving the catcher, pitcher and middle infield perfect for spicing up practice and improving overall defense.

I've been playing softball for six years and just started catching 2 years ago. On our team we use this drill to really sharpen things up-the-middle.

How the Drill Works

It starts when the pitcher pitches the ball. After that the catcher catches it and the pitcher drops to the ground and does two push-ups.

While she is doing this, the shortstop runs to second base, catches the ball and gets into position like they're going to tag the base runner. (You can always vary things up by using the second baseman; it's even a great way for the other infielders to improve their reaction time.)

Value of the Drill

This drill really focuses on speed and accuracy for the catcher, quickness for the shortstop and accuracy and strength for the pitcher. You can repeat this drill as many times as you feel necessary. Good luck with your own version of the drill.

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