Softball Drill to Improve Basestealing Fundamentals

This is a good drill for all aspects of stealing. From the throw by the catcher to the infielder placing a tag to the baserunner attempting a stolen base, this drill is ideal for sharpening you entire squad's approach to basestealing.

Setting Up the Drill

Put players at each of the infield positions. Have the rest of the team put on helmets and line up at 1st base. The baserunners will each run the bases in this pattern: lead off, steal. Only one runner on the bases at time.

How the Drill Works

The first runner gets ready on first. The pitcher pitches the ball and the runner takes a lead. The catcher attempts a pick-off at first and the runner tries to get back in time.

On the next pitch the runner attempt to steal second and the catcher tries to throw her out. The runner proceeds with a big lead at second, stealing third and big lead off at third.

The final pitch for that runner is a deliberate passed ball/wild pitch which gives the catcher and pitcher a chance to practice this play.

Taking It Up a Notch

To encourage the runners to take big leads and to teach them what they can get away with we will place little pieces of candy in the dirt as a challenge. If they can grab the candy and get back safely, they can keep the candy.

Delayed Steal

After they have done this drill a couple of times, allow the runners to do a "delayed steal" on their lead offs.

If the catcher throws to first, the runners can attempt to go to second. This way the catchers learn to recognize the delayed steal and run the baserunner back.

What the Drill Does

The drill gives the catcher a lot of practice throwing to the bases, allows the infielder to practice positioning themselves for and putting on the tag, and allows the baserunners a chance to practice leading off, sliding, and themselves before practice officially started while the coaches were taking care of some paperwork. The coaches decided to just sit a watch them coach themselves.

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