Slingshot Curveball Drill

Looking for a fun, quick way to teach your young hurlers the curve? Here's a drill for showing your squad the proper way to throw this devastating off-speed pitch.

What the Slingshot Drill Does

As far as drills for a curve the most useful is having the pitcher throw from the slingshot position.

The purpose of this drill is to have the player concentrate on the proper position of the hand at the hip.

Setting Up the Drill

Instead of the ball facing the batter when it is at the hip, the hand should be palm up to the sky and the ball laying in the hand. (If you were to stop the motion in mid-rotation, the ball would stay in the hand.)

Once the pitcher starts her push off the rubber she should concentrate on bringing the hand around with the hip--and peeling the ball off the side of the hand.

It's All in the Fingers

The forefinger (the middle one) will be along the seam and the index finger under the forefinger ( basically the same grip as the rise).

The forefinger will peel the ball off sideways by using the seam, in effect spinning the ball.

Be careful not to get under the ball, as that will cause it to rise. As far as in and out movement, all you can do is try different release points. The more a pitcher throws the more comfortable and accurate she will become.

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