Position Cards

We put these drills on 5x8 index cards and laminate them, to water proof them. Some days at practice we hand them out to players who play each position. They work on these drills for about 15-20 minutes with the other players who play that position. These Position cards enable a coach to concentrate on helping one or two positions, as the kids should not require a lot of supervision. One thing we absolutely do is put our Freshman team and our JV team with the Varsity team for this session a lot and put our Senior players in charge.

You can modify them for any level of ball. On some cards, one position may need to be coordinated with another position for part of their card.



-Tag out for runner off the bag


-Back hand ground balls (short hops)

-Tag on dive back

-Pick off by catcher (footwork to get back to bag)

-Bunt coverage


-Tag out at bag

-Three pivots to 2B (double play feed)

-Double play from SS at bag -Back hand ground balls

-Pop ups between infield and outfield

-Cut off play steal with runner on 1st and 3rd

-Diving to catch ground balls


-Back hand ground balls

-Slap tag at 2B

-Feed to 2b on double play

-Pop ups between infield and outfield

-Ground balls in hole, pivot and throw

-Diving to catch ground ball

-Cut off play on steal runners on 1st and 3rd


-Bail out and cover 3B from in close coverage

-Tag outs at bag -Back hand ground ball on the line

-Ground ball to your left in front of SS -Bunt pick up and throw 1B, 2B, 3B

-Diving to catch a ground ball

-Foul pop ups near the fence/dugout


-Framing strikes

-Scoop dirt pitches

-Block and tag at plate

-Wild pitches

-Pop outs in front of plate

-Pop outs near backstop

-Bad pitch inside & outside

-Steal throw mechanics at 2nd and 3rd base

-Pickoff throws runners on 1st and 3rd


-Fielding ground balls to your left and right

-Mechanics of bunt coverage and throws

-Pop Ups

-Wild pitch coverage at the plate

-Pointing up to the side of a pop up to the catcher

-Covering first base on ground ball

-Backing up third and home plate on throws from the outfield

-Work with catchers on intentional walks


-Side to side range

-Up and back range

-One down on ground ball

-Crow hopping -Backing each other up

-Tweeners in the gaps

-Coordination between infield, outfield, on short fly ball

-Diving to catch a ball -Diving to cut off a ball going gap

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