Hand Position for Fastpitch Hitters

Hand position is an often overlooked part of hitting mechanics.

Here are three guidelines, from Ed in the Active fastpitch community, you can follow to ensure your squad is maximizing their hitting potential.

As the Hand, So Goes the Swing

I explain and demonstrate to my players that the top hand pretty much controls your swing. Depending on the situation you'll need to adjust your swing.

Here are some basic rules when determining your hitters' hand position:

  1. If the palm faces up on the swing, chances are you'll under-cut the ball or hit a fly ball.
  2. If the palm faces down on the swing, chances are you hit down in front of you and the ball dribbles.
  3. And if you sweep or shake hands with the pitcher on the swing, chances are you hit a line drive.

The girls seem to have a good understanding with this simple process and really respond well. I hope this is a good tip that you'll share with your team.

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