Coach's Guide to Teaching Young Players

Whether you're a first-timer or a grizzled old veteran, coaching can be a daunting task--especially when you are handling young players who may be new to the sport. But as long as you provide your players the right tools to play the game to the best of their abilities then you have done your part.

Below are three softball coaching tips to help develop your players' fastpitch skills, teach them the fundamentals of the game and push them to reach their optimum level of playing.

Softball Coaching Tip No.1: Test Your Players

It's important to impart the rules of softball to your young players. But you need to consider that since they are young, they might not have an easy time grasping the sport as quickly as their adult counterparts.

Start with the fundamentals so that your young players will be able to understand them better. You can hold skills sessions where you ask them what they would do during a game situation.

You can also demonstrate these situations to them in order to make them more visual. At the same time, you can let them demonstrate to you what they are going to do in these situations. Make a game out of it.

Softball Coaching Tip No.2: Teach Proper Hitting

One of the most fundamental skills coaches must focus on is hitting. You need to spend a lot of time teaching your young players how to hit properly.

Hitting is a difficult skill to master but it is crucial in order to find success on the field. Your challenge is to make this as fun as possible. Learning how to hit can sometimes be a bit dry and boring. You need to make your drills interesting and challenging.

Softball Coaching Tip No.3:Incorporating Fun into Softball Trainings

As mentioned before, it is hard to teach softball to young players but if you are able to create softball drills, warm up exercises and cool down exercises and mixing fun into it, it would be easier for them to learn about this particular sporting activity. At the same time, they would be more eager to learn about softball. For example, instead of the regular warm-up exercises, you can have your players do relay races and tag.

Coaching youth softball teams can be hard work but if you are able to apply the tips shown above, you would be able to develop them into able players.

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