Bobble-Ball Fielding Drill

Errors are going to happen in softball. But often it's how a player reacts to a physical, and mental, miscue that makes all the difference.

Here is a drill to help your squad boost their fielding ability, as well as help them deal with distractions on-and-off the field.

Setting Up the Bobble Ball Drill

Set up an infield with players playing 1st, 2nd, ss, and 3rd. Have two coaches at home plate, one to hit and one to catch.

Coach hitting the ball will be hitting quickly and randomly to the players on the infield. Player fielding the ball will throw to 1st base who will throw ball home to coach catching in.

The Peanut Gallery

Other players are on the sidelines heckling those fielding the ball trying to distract the fielders to actually create a bobble or an error. If, and when this happens fielder will verbally admit to the error: "Uh-oh my bad"...or .."my fault" and will leave the field and a player on the sidelines will take her place.

Purpose of the Drill

The object here is to:

  • Learn to focus no matter what noise is going on in the stands
  • If you make an error—admit it, deal with it, get over it and continue on
  • For my girls it is a competition as always and some of our best dives for the ball will happen.

Note: When the ball is missed and extra effort has been made such as a dive then this is not considered an error and fielder will continue.

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