Art of Defending the Bunt

As Natasha Watley has shown again and again, the bunt can be an effective offensive weapon in the game of softball.

Here's a drill we use during practice to keep our team ready to defend the bunt and keep runners off base.

How It's Done

Infielders, pitchers, and catchers are on defense at their respective positions, with catchers in full gear. Backup defenders will be out of the way, but be ready to jump in when it's their turn. Infielders will rotate after each rep, while pitchers and catchers will alternate every three reps.

Outfielders are distributed evenly between first, second and third--with helmets on and running full speed/live when it is their turn.

The coach will call out the situation (ie; base runners, outs, etc.). The pitcher then throws the pitch (75 percent) and the ball is bunted. The pitcher must throw a strike for the ball to be bunted. Play all bunts live and finish the play.

Key: Get the "for sure" out.

Equipment Needed:

Bases, one bucket of good balls, one bat, one helmet

  • Manager No. 1:
  • Bases, bat, helmet.
  • Manager No. 2:
  • One bucket of good balls behind mound
  • Coach:
  • Call out each situation. Serve as the batter doing all kinds of bunts from both sides.
  • Coach:
  • Three buckets of machine balls, mock throw with feed.
  • Coach:
  • Coach pitchers and catchers, make sure they rotate every three plays. Catchers should play infield spots too.
  • Pitchers:
  • Receive throws at 2b, play 1b and 3b live, shag.

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