7 Softball Pitching Tips

Pitchers are probably the most important part of a softball team. Pitching wins championships and it's important as a pitcher you have all the basic skills and that you know how to go about your business on the mound.

Here are seven good softball pitching tips to help you understand better your role as a pitcher:

Tip No.1: Game Situations

Runner on first, bunt situation: You should throw a rise ball or fastball high in or out, inside curve or screwball.

Tip No.2: The Change-Up

Deception: It is the key to success. Have teammates and coaches look for any changes in your delivery that telegraph the change-up. Use a videotape to compare deliveries.

Tip No.3: Pitching Motion

Balance: When you bring your arms up for the pitching motion, your pitching arm will make a 360-degree circle while your balance arm will go up about 90-degrees and come back down. Do not let your balance arm swing off to the side; it will reduce the power of the hip snap.

Tip No.4: The Rise

Increase the "Hop": To do this, try spreading your fingers more on the ball and squeezing the ball out of the fingers at release. Doing this will increase the resistance on the ball which creates more spin.

Tip No.5: The Stride

Landing with the Stride Leg: Always land with your stride leg pointed between 30 and 45-degrees.

Tip No.6: Stance and Characteristics

Closed Stride: With a batter that has a closed stride, throw her an inside rise or an inside drop.

Tip No.7: The Fastball

Comfortable Grip: Make sure your grip is comfortable and firm yet does not lock the wrist. You need a relaxed wrist for a good, quick snap. Work on gripping the ball firmly while not tightening the wrist.

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