4 Tips for Running the Perfect Practice

Winning a softball game does not entirely depend on natural skill. It involves a wider spectrum of knowledge, collaboration and tons and tons of softball practices for your players.

Here are seven practice tips to strengthen your team's softball abilities and increase their mental and physical toughness.

Softball Practice Tip No.1: Create an Effective and Doable Practice Plan

Time really is of the essence when it comes to softball. It's one of the most valuable assets a coach and a team has. Time determines how much your team can grow, so it's best to create and effective practice plan that the whole team can sustain and manage.

Set some time for warm-ups, softball drills/exercises that are theoretical and actual, team-building/bonding and cool-down exercises. Always keep in mind to maximize the whole day as much as possible without forcing the players to stay the whole day. Check the schedules of the players and then create your practice plan from there. If all things work, stick to the practice plan. If not, you can always change it.

Softball Practice Tip No.2: Dynamic Warm-Ups

Warm-ups are undoubtedly one of the most important phases of softball practices. These pre-game activities fire up the body to be able to perform at its fullest. But some softball players may tend to forget and neglect the importance of this activity. Negligence to engage in warm-ups will result not only in poorer performances, but it may also cause significant injuries such as extreme muscle stretches and body aches and cramps.

Dynamic warm-ups not only power up the body for the coming activity but it also stretches almost every part of the body instead of just select parts. Always engage in dynamic softball warm-ups before every softball practice and match.

Softball Practice Tip No.3: Practice Versatility

Yes it's important for softball pitchers to spend some time practicing their pitching styles and techniques. And softball hitters should spend time working on their hitting craft. But specialization can hamper development in other areas.

When it comes to softball, it is vital for each and every player to know and be knowledgeable and skillful in all the roles not only in hitting or in pitching or in fielding.

Implement softball drills that not only heighten your players' role in the game but also those that help increase their prowess and knowledge in the other roles. This will help especially with substitutions.

Softball Practice Tip No.4: Practice What Matters

Focus, agility and decision-making are some of the most important things to focus on in practice. Engage in softball drills that will help heighten these areas.

It will not only greatly minimize errors during games but having these elements mastered makes the odds of your team winning better. It is best to give about 85% of your practices for the development of these important softball matters.

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