2 Triangle Method

Here is philosohpy number two in the process of fielding a groundball. We need to talk about body position before we field the groundball. Taking into consideration the previous philosophy on approach to the groundball, we can now get our body ready to field it. We call this the 2 Triangle Method. Our infielders want to get their bodies so that they make two separate triangles. Lets explain... Remember that the left foot is behind the right foot from the approach. When we put our glove out in front of our feet ready to field the ball we construct two triangles. The first triangle is made if we connect both of our feet and then from each foot to the glove. If this isn't in a triangle, your glove tends to be in between your legs...and that is no man's land. It is very tough to field a ground ball with your glove between your feet. This also keeps your butt down and back straight. The second triangle is formed with the ground, your forearms and your shins. This is a vertical triangle while the other is a horizontal one. Again, if your glove goes between your feet, you lose that triangle as well. As infielders are fielding ground balls, you must look for both of those triangles to be formed, if not, they aren't in the right position. Ok, we have talked about the approach and body position....next we will discuss the glove work in actually fielding the ground ball. Questions/Comments: email coachb@eteamz.com

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