Base-Running Drill: "Swing and Find"

How to Do It

All hitters line up behind home plate. One at a time in the batters box, the batter swings the bat (no ball) and runs hard out of the box and looks for the ball (or coach in this case) after the third step.

If the ball is through the infield, the coach (standing between third and short) will hold up both arms, so the batter/runner will make a turn at first and round the bag aggressively (hit the inside of the bag with either foot).

If the coach only holds up one arm, the ball is still on the infield and the batter/runner runs through first base touching the front of the bag, not breaking stride, and breaking down afterwards to find the wild throw to the fence over the right shoulder.

If upon breaking down, the batter/runner sees the wild throw (from a coach) to the fence, they should advance to second base. If there's no wild throw, the runner should turn into foul territory and return to first base.

Key: Running hard out of the box and putting pressure on the outfielders turns singles into doubles.

Equipment Needed

One bat, three buckets of balls, bases, stopwatch (home to first times), helmets.


  • Mgr 1: Occasional wild throws to first, three buckets of balls around mound area.
  • Mgr 2: Shag behind first, one bat at home, bases.
  • Coach: Get stopwatch, record home-to-first times (call out if they're loafing or if they have a good time).
  • Coach: Standing between third base and shortstop with signals (one- and two-hand).

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Drill was provided by Head Coach Ehren Earleywine and staff of Georgia Tech University. Visit the Web site at

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