How to Eat Like a Brazilian Soccer Star

There is never a bad time to celebrate the sport of soccer and the countries and cultures that play it. Brazil is a prime example. There are number of Brazilian stars playing all over the world, including Women's Professional Soccer here in the United States.

The advent of summer also brings out the barbecue. However, rather than the typical large hunks of meat often consumed in the U.S., we can all take a lesson from Brazilian-style rod?zio.

Women's Professional Soccer celebrates its share of Brazilian players, among the top in the league and in the world for both men and women. This soccer culture, which plays what is called in Portuguese "Joga Bonito" (play beautiful, as in: skillfully) has a few typical dishes that lend themselves well to sports performance.

Rod?zio is a style of eating in both Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants, where food is brought to the tables, usually barbecued meats on a skewer such as sirloin steak or chicken, and distributed in small amounts until the customer has had enough (so it is not a massive piece of meat calling to you from the plate!). Barbecued pineapple or banana serves as a dessert. Rice and beans, a derivation of Caribbean influence, and a combination that forms a complete protein dish, are also typical Brazilian fare.

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