Sharpen Your Shooting Skills

Composure around the goal is key to scoring points in a game. Fine-tune your team's shooting skills and prevent buckling under pressure when face to face with the net. The following two drills will teach you how to adjust your shot based on the field position, so scoring a goal from any spot on the field will feel like second nature.

Charging From the Side

Set-up: All players create a single file line 10 to 15 yards from the goal mouth and five to 10 yards outside the left goal post. The coach should be directly across from the players, standing five to 10 yards outside the right goal post with several balls in their possession.

Action: The coach rolls or passes the balls on the ground to the athletes. One by one, the players run at the ball, parallel to the goal, and then strike, aiming for the goal. Once they kick the ball, the players return to the back of the line. Go through this drill until all athletes shoot at least four times. Next, switch sides and have the players strike the ball using their other foot.


  • When the ball is coming from the side, strike the ball with the instep of the foot, almost like a pass.
  • In this drill, the balls should go to the corners of the goal. It is best to shoot for the same side of the goal that the ball comes from. (If the ball comes from the right side you want to shoot to the right corner.)

Charging From the Front

Set-up: Line up the athletes about 20 yards away from the goal and straight across from the right goal post. The coach stands just outside the right goal post with several balls in their possession.

Action: The coach rolls or passes the balls to the players. The players run up and strike directly at the ball without trapping it. Repeat this drill until each athlete takes four or five shots. Next, move the line to directly in front of the left goal post and have the players shoot with their other foot.


Want More Soccer Tips?

  • When kicking a ball that is moving towards you, it's important to realize you don't have to kill the ball. If it's moving toward you and you are moving toward the ball, you only need to kick it half as hard. That will create the same force that you would normally need when kicking a non-moving ball.
  • When a ball is coming right at you, it is very common to kick the ball over the goal. Make sure to keep your knee over the ball at impact. Or, you can hit this type of ball with the instep, but you must make sure to place it properly in a corner.
  • To increase the difficulty of the drill, add a little bounce to the ball instead of rolling it nicely on the grass. This will create a more game-like situation.

Practicing these drills will prepare your team for the unpredictability of a soccer game. When the opportunity for a goal comes knocking, you'll be ready to make it happen, regardless of the field position.

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