Ghost Busters Game

Players practice evading the attacker.


To have fun while gaining multiple touches on the ball.


The game starts with the player in possession of the ball (the ghost) in the center of the field, surrounded by the rest of the players (the pac-men). Soccer balls line the boundaries of the field. The ghost begins play by running with the ball at the pac-men.

When a pac-man gets hit by the ball below the waist they proceed to the outside of the grid and grab a ball. The player must first work on a specific skill before reentering the grid. Examples include ball taps or juggling.

The last pac-man left on the field is the winner.

Coaching Points

  • The ghost should keep close control of the ball.
  • Players must keep their eyes up, seeing the ball and other players
  • The ghost should be deceptive, utilizing the inside and outside of the feet and changing direction quickly
  • The ghost should aim and attack players with the ball.


This drill is a great way to practice many aspects of soccer at once. The players get a great workout by running around the field. The pac-men work on their evasion skills while the ghost practices ball control and going for a target. Even while off the field the players continue to practice a skill on the sidelines. This drill is fun for the team while improving their skills.

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