Fabulous 4s Soccer Drill


The objective of this game is to encourage players to spread out and not bunch up while playing fast-paced attacking soccer. The Dutch revolutionized the way the game is played through the application of small sided 4 vs. 4 games in training. Players were encouraged to experiment and try new skills while touching the ball much more frequently than in a regular 11 vs. 11 games.?


Set out a 30 by 30 yard area with a goal in each corner (four in total). Play two teams of 4 vs. 4, with another team of four players waiting to play the next game.?

Game Objective

The object of the game is to score a goal by dribbling the ball through any of the four corner goals. Players should be encouraged to spread out and play in the entire area, changing directions and attacking all goals. Rotate teams every two minutes. As a further progression, players may opt to pass or shoot the ball through the goals.


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