Winterize Your Car for Ski and Snowboard Season

Snowmaking has begun, winter?mountains are opening. Even though it may not have snowed in your hometown yet, you'll benefit from making sure you winterize your car ahead of time so that you're ready to head to the mountain at a moment's notice, with the confidence to know that you won't end up a snowman and a giant ice box standing on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Here's a checklist to go by:

Make Sure You're Up to Date With Servicing

Check your maintenance log or records and make sure your car's current with its regular service tasks. This includes making sure your battery has a solid charge.

Check Your Antifreeze

It's what goes in your car's radiator and it's essential. Your car's mixture is made up of 50 percent water and 50 percent antifreeze. Service stations will do this for you if you need.


You've got to have adequate tread on your tires. You also have the option of putting snow tires on or getting chains for your tires. (Remember: the chains go on the power wheels, so if you have front wheel drive, they go on the front.)

Ice Scraper and Shovel

Keep them in your car and make sure they're always there. You never know when you'll have to scrape ice off your windshield or dig your tires out after a snowfall.

Windshield Wipers

Make sure they're working and that the blades are sharp. (Don't ever pour hot water over your windshield. If you need to melt the ice fast, use cold water and turn on your defroster.)

Your Racks

If you have racks, make sure they're secured onto your car and that any attachments are secure as well.

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