March 30, 2013

Wissahickon 12 Hours Challenge 2013 ..Second Edition

March 30, 2013 Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia PA • ShawmontPA  19118 View Map
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About this event

March 30, 2013
11:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia PA

ShawmontPA  19118
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This is the final event of the "PA Trails Challenge, Wissahickon 12 Hours Challenge 2013" This event is a all out endurance challenge in which you will be facing all kind of natural obstacles on a 13.1 mile loop course for 12 hours. This isn't a Beginne'rs or weekend warrior' s race !!! Think twice before registering, join us on the training run and be prepared to push harder than you ever had !!!

Check us out on our Facebook page PA Trails Challenge.The race is limited to 250 participant due to parking space and organisation space.This isn't a Beginne'rs or weekend warrior' s race !!! Think twice before registering, join us on the training run and be prepared to push harder than you ever had !!! Last year saw 3 of us doing it.... the record stand at 2 loops in 7 hours. Keep yourself informed regularly as I will post/add further infos as the time is approaching. As I mentionned in the PA Trails Challenge page, this is a paid event.The registration fee starts at $75 and will increase until 02/28/2013 to $120. Your registration will give you: 1 long sleeve Tshirt. 1 finisher trophy (TBD.)Prizes 1 # bib. Basic Hot food and hot beverages at start/finish station all throughout the day Mobile EMS support at strategic location on the course. Registration are on special at $75 until 10/20/2012 Registration are $85 until December 31, 2012. Registration are $95 until January 31, 2013. Registration are $120 until March 20, 2013. Registration close on March 20 at midnight. You can still contact DR for possible open spots, Weather: Only a large snow fall or blizzard or temperature under 20 degrees will affect the race. In the case of extrem weather the race will be moved to the following date 04/13/2013. Required equipment; Whistle Head lamp (water proof) Wetsuit Hydration pack Glow stick (optional) keep watching for updates. Update 10/05/2012... Wetsuit are mandatory unless temperatures on the day of the event are greater than 55 degrees. RD will make final decision. Updates 10/08/2012 Rules and description of the race... Wissahickon 12 Hours Challenge is a race based on a 13.1 mile loop that you will run as many times as you can or decide to over a period of 12 hours. The race starts at 7 AM Saturday March 2013 and will end at 7 PM on Saturday March 2013. The first male and first female will be rewarded a free entry at the Spartan Beast in Killington Vermont 2013. ( in the case that there is only 1 female racing the prize will be rewarded to second overall) # 2 male and female will also be rewarded (TBD) as well as first in age group (TBD). Trophee and prizes will be remitted between 8.30 and 9 PM once all participant times and distances have been recorded. The exact lenght of each lap is between 12.8 to 13.3 miles depends on what GPS program you'll use to calculate. The race is on a honesty base but will, on each loop, have 3 check points ( mile 5 and 10 and start/finish) to which you have to report your # and after first loop quickly checked by EMS and after 5 PM will determine if you can pursue to the next portion of the loop due to time constraint on the race. If you are stopped because of time the rally point is at the Valley Green Inn at the center of the course where you will be driven back to the start finish line. If EMS pulls you out of the race you can not come back in the race ..THIS IS A FINAL DECISION ... that decision is made base on your health and only because of your health. Their will be multiple water crossings, up and down river beds (dry or streamed) and jumps in water hole (Devils Pool) Water crossings will have a life line to which you can use to pull, drag yourself across and a life guard for your safety. The course has no man made obstacles it is all natural use of the terrain which is always evolving based on erosion. The course will be marked with colored flag (color TBD) stay within the boundaries of the flags. If it calls for you to be in a river bed stay in the river bed. At the end of each loop you will pass through start / finish line where you will have the opportunity to access your gears for changes, food or get worm before going onto your next loop. Race is supported

Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia PA • ShawmontPA  19118 Get Directions

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