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  • Running Camps
    Running Camps

    From altitude training to base building to everything in between, these seven running-specific camps offer you the chance to take

  • 5 Summer Running Festivals
    5 Summer Running Festivals

    Looking for a race that offers a little bit more than a medal at the finish line? These five summer running festivals promise a gr

  • Running Hamstring Injuries FAQ
    Running Hamstring Injuries FAQ

    Find out the answers to the most common running hamstring injury questions, and what you can do to prevent and remedy this painful

  • 6 Benefits of Running
    6 Benefits of Running

    The next time you're thinking of skipping your run, remember just how beneficial it is for your whole body.

  • 6 Running Safety Tips
    6 Running Safety Tips

    Before you step out the door for your run, make sure you protect yourself with these six tips.

  • 3 Common Running Injuries
    3 Common Running Injuries

    Do you suffer from any of these three common running injuries? Identify your condition and find relief.

  • 6 Running Myth Busters
    6 Running Myth Busters

    Do you know your running facts from fiction? Dr. Jason Karp, a nationally recognized running coach with a Ph.D. in exercise physio

  • Running to Lose Weight
    Running to Lose Weight

    Running is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. But, it's easy to overdo it once you start seeing results. Coach Jay Johns

  • Trail Running Shoes 101
    Trail Running Shoes 101

    New to trail running? Not sure if you want, or even need, a pair of trail-specific running shoes? Here's what you need to know abo

  • 4 Historical Running Events
    4 Historical Running Events

    Lace up your shoes and run through history. These quirky races are over 100 years old and offer spectacular views that you won't w

  • Running for Swimmers
    Running for Swimmers

    Need a break from the pool? Try running. Here's what you need to know to get started.