Life on Mars (Th-9:00)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - Tuesday, December 13, 2016
The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - Tuesday, December 13, 2016
The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405

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What's Included

What if the human race was forced to live on another planet? Now let's say that planet was Mars. How will we colonize the "Red Panet"? How will we survive? How will we grow food, get water or even find shelter? What will our houses look like? How would we dress? What would our community look like? How would we survive the radiation or other dangers? Through a variety of engaging activities, fun games and super cool science research, teams of students in this exciting class will create a plan of survival for the human race. When humans live on Mars, it will be imperative that we are able to use as much of the resources available to us as possible, including gases in the atmosphere and perhaps the soil itself. Using NASA information, current exploration discoveries, cutting edge scientific information- and outside-the-box thinking, students will explore all of the what-ifs, discuss ideas, design all aspects of living, fashion together clothing, create dioramas of their future living quarters - inside and out, develop food-growing systems, create a thriving community- and make models for their inventions... inventions that just very well might assist humans while trying to sustain life on Mars!

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The REALM Creative Academy offers amazingly fun camps for summer, winter, and spring breaks as well as an extensive number of creative, rich, and diverse classes for home schoolers.   We also offer tutoring, piano lessons, after school classes, and even day camps when school is out.  And let your kids join us for a parent-free evening of fun at one of our Friday and Saturday Night Kids' Clubs!


We provide experiences for students to be honored for their unique strengths and to be inspired to embrace possibility and seize their greatness! 

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  • The REALM Creative Academy

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The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405
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