Art with the Greats: Earth, Sky & Space (W-3:30)

The REALM Creative Academy - The REALM

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - Tuesday, December 13, 2016
The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - Tuesday, December 13, 2016
The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405

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What's Included

Since ancient times, artists have listened to the call of nature and taken inspiration from the magical wilderness of earth and space. In this fun and unique art class, students will travel across diverse, beautiful habitats and then up through the galaxies- with a paintbrush, a canvas, and a dream. As inspiration, students will be introduced to a variety of nature, landscape and planetary art, from inspirational, contemporary artists to famous artists throughout history. Given the opportunity to experiment with different and new materials, and with the emphasis on three-dimensional and textural art, students will then create their own natural beauties. Imagine glassy blue oceans and cascading waterfalls or glow-in-the-dark comets bursting through space. Adventuring with a variety of techniques, students will also discover the fundamentals of composition, layering and creating focal points. Children will then use paint, wood, modeling pastes, collage materials and found objects to create original pieces of Earth Art- gardens, landscapes and habitats, and Sky and Space Art- all the beauty above, planets and galaxies. While creating their own masterpieces, kids will be able to explore and discover art as a way to express their feelings, be creative, and develop their skills, as well as their confidence. We celebrate the artist in every person - on earth and in space!

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The REALM Creative Academy offers amazingly fun camps for summer, winter, and spring breaks as well as an extensive number of creative, rich, and diverse classes for home schoolers.   We also offer tutoring, piano lessons, after school classes, and even day camps when school is out.  And let your kids join us for a parent-free evening of fun at one of our Friday and Saturday Night Kids' Clubs!


We provide experiences for students to be honored for their unique strengths and to be inspired to embrace possibility and seize their greatness! 

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  • The REALM Creative Academy

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The REALM 400 Pico Blvd #1 Santa MonicaCA  90405
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