5 Steps to Prepare for Spring Sailing Season

3. Hull and Boat Structure

Next on the safety checklist: Look for any de-lamination or structural cracks on the hull, especially on any underwater surfaces. Also, have a clear idea of your sailing plans for the year and plan accordingly. Check and service the following equipment, as well:

  • Service winches and other deck hardware
  • Rudder and steering systems

4. Mast and Rigging

It's recommended that these items be professionally serviced and checked:

  • Standing rigging
  • Running rigging
  • Sheaves and other moving pieces
  • Fastenings and overall structure

5. Sails

  • Wash and dry all sails, have them professionally inspected
  • Replace or repair any sails that are past their prime
  • Store sails in a clean/dry location when not in use

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