August 01 - 30, 2020

The Underground Race Project: "Historic HUNTerdon"

August 01 - 30, 2020 Organized by Pro-Activity Associates, LLC

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About this event

August 01 - 30, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Underground Race Project: "Historic HUNTerdon" edition


Register for and Complete all 4 missions to earn the ultimate..... swag you'll wear, scenery you'll enjoy, pandemic blues you'll beat, a glimpse back into the history of our area and your place in it (because hopefully we'll never experience a pandemic again).



So you're up to claim your place in History..... to HUNT(erdon) for it.... clock some miles and share some smiles? Great! We're happy to welcome you to "The Underground Race Project"!  Unlike (the way-less-cool in our opinion) virtual races / events you've seen out there that encourage you to pay money.... log a specified number of miles on any course you want for the priveledge of earning the t-shirt.... we're gonna make you HUNT for it.  Here's how this game works.  Upon completing Mission #1 (Ville to Mill) and submiting your proof, you will (withing 24 hours) receive specified instructions on where and how to complete course #2.  You'll then repeat for missions 2....3...and so on until you've completed all four missions.  Of course, these missions are more than just about logging the miles.... there's History at stake here people!  Part scavenger hunt, part race, part a beatiful run in the country.... the "Underground" can be a little tricky, but leads to the exclusive, and this my friends is your ticket to start.

We've given you a few hints in the event descriptions and the only rule is you must complete all missions (there are 4) and submit your proof by 11:59p on Sunday 8/30/20.  And once you do you'll earn the type of swag that you'll actually want to wear (likely seriously.... I may do this just for the shirt).


Event details and schedule


  • Well.... here's the map for Mission #1, but that's all you get for now.  Complete Mission 1 and you'll get directions for # 2.... do #2 (wait, that sounds stinky), I mean, finish #2 and you'll be headed for third.  Leg out the triple and as long as your still running and time still remains (all Missions must be completed and proof submitted prior to 8/30 11:59p) and you'll have have successfully navigated this edition of the Underground


Anytime 8/1 - 8/30/20... on your own schedule and at your own pace, but you must complete the events in chronological order and you must register for and complete all to complete Historic HUNTerdon


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