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June 07, 2023 - June 07, 2024



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There are many races and challenges every day that try to take up our time, and we keep participating in them, but what are we truly searching for if we can't seem to stop? We, the Runners, have actually found it a long time ago. We truly live when we are in the flow, running at our own pace and in our own space, and this is our true freedom. We share this feeling with others. They may think that time, new challenges, or results are important to us, but do they really understand why we run? The truth is, we run because it's our life! It's a life that we want to turn into a thrilling adventure. And what could be a greater adventure than one where you are the Master of your own destiny, creating the life you've always dreamed of? There is nothing better! That's why you can't live without the excitement of RUNNINGMAN.

Scientists believe that in the known universe there are approximately 10^80 subatomic particles, but this is only the known universe. Some believe that the universe is infinite. Not everyone believes in infinity. It turns out that this magical number 1080 symbolizes the boundary between reality and infinity. That's why we chose this distance. For a person who has crossed this boundary, distance becomes meaningless. He becomes a RUNNINGMAN!

 It's time for your next adventure, it's time for your new authentic life!

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You can think of this race as a familiar term for you, "online run", but technically. We use this route to find each of you and help us organize this adventure. But in reality it's completely different! We want you to create your own RUNNINGMAN universe! You will meet yourself, as you have never known yourself before! Distribute this journey throughout the year, don't rush to run 1080 miles sooner! Remember, for a real runningman, distance stops mattering at some point. Just start working on yourself and your life and don't stop at all! Count all the miles of your training, runs, marathons, challenges! Live a free life, easily and avoid the fear of not being able to! All these miles are just the beginning of the journey to infinity! We will be with you all the time, we will watch over you and help each of you! Shoot your incredible videos, feelings, emotions, and send them to us! We will show you to the world so that the world will cheer for you! Support you! And envy each of you! You will be an example for many in the future! Everyone else will want to follow you! And we will tell the world how you will come back to your new and amazing future! We are proud of who we will become for you. This is the first RUNNINGMAN America and we will build our adventure together! We will gradually collect all your results from any convenient and familiar gadgets for you, you don't need to worry about it at all. Throughout the year, new heroes and new waves will come to RUNNINGMAN! They will watch your stories, follow your advice! That's how we want to unite all runningmen on the continent, then on the planet! Let this world know who we are! One day you will discover how many people you have led, even without realizing it!

Welcome to World of Runners! Where a special world of the chosen exists! According to our legend, every true runner must become a runningman once!


June 07, 2023 - June 07, 2024

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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