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January 01 - 31, 2021

I Run MAD (Mile A Day)

Organized by A Mile of Smiles

About this event

This is a unique event in that instead of one day of race, we will get to link with each other daily. You will get an email from the event organizing motivating and giving daily tips to help keep you motivated. We will not be posting times, just miles (and over the month its a total of 30 miles-one mile a day...anytime, anyplace, anyspeed...the last day I will be encouraging everyone to run a 5k to end the month). And if you love it, August registration will be available soon.

Event details and schedule

At the end of the month, send a picture of the number of miles you ran from any jogging tracker you use (or a picture of the dates and miles run). I will include a finishers list with everyone's total miles accumulated. If you go to the link I also am selling a limited number of t-shirts (some people will want to wear the event shirt everyday :) for their run! I am making them myself, so if more are needed please email me and I can make some extra.

And that's it, if it sounds simple...it is, its suppose to be. I want to motivate people to put exercise into their life daily...so that's it run a mile a day on your own time, own schedule, and hopefully the daily emails will get you out their everyday (even on those days where it just doesn't seem possible...too busy, too tired, too unmotivated). Then just send the picture of the miles and we are going by code of ethics here. And at the end I will send a free t-shirt to the runner with the MOST miles in (hey the truth is, some who register are training for a marathon-so please empress the socks off me if that's you and I'll send you your well deserved shirt), and all participants will get a certificate of A Mile of Smiles in July if you complete the thirty.


January 01 - 31, 2021

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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