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July 01, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Challenge of Survivors "Earn Free Lion Knight Templar Medal"

Organized by Runners2life.VirtualRaces

About this event

  1. Is a Remote Challenge ( remote races series) Earn the 7 inches medal after complete 9 races in our races calendar or complete in one time (one transaction). You can run any time, any place, any state, any city, in your favorite place beach GYM .another race, with friends, training time, etc.

The story of The Lion-Knight Templar.

Leoncio XI was a liege who was caught in a witch’s spell. The witch turned him into half-man half-lion while he was protecting the Excalibur sword. Leoncio XI was a member of the brotherhood of the Knights Templar, he was also a land conqueror and he fought against Muslims during the Holy War.

As he returned to Britain, after fighting bravely in the Holy War, he found out that King Arthur was dead. Hence, the Excalibur sword was in danger, since the Witch of the Mountains wanted to own it. Leon decided to get back the sword, and he knew that the Lady of the Lake’s life, the one who protected the Excalibur sword, was in danger too.

The Lady of the Lake saved the Excalibur from the witch’s mighty powers. Leon tried to get the sword back to a safer place but the Witch of the Mountains caught a spell on him and turned him into a lion. Merlin, the wizard, tried to break the spell but he couldn’t make it successfully: The witch’s powers were too strong. Hence, Leon was half-man, half-lion for the rest of his life. However, The Excalibur was returned to the Lady of the Lake for eternity and beyond.

Event details and schedule - Race Rules

Complete Between 1-6 races (each race inside the event calendar) or buy the general price one transaction (get 9 medals)

Price: 99.99 Price for 9 medals Included the Leon Knight Medal 7” Inches

where: Any Place Any time

Who: All people all ages walkers are welcome.

When: From January 1st to December 31st (all year)

Medal size: 7 inches

About other items: (Not t–shirts included)

This time, we have appointed a special medal for the new Survivor’s Challenge, one of our virtual races. The medal has a size of 7 inches and you can win one by accomplishing the following virtual races:

  • Halloween Pumpkin Run
  • Halloween Owl Medal
  • Turkey Trot
  • Santa Christmas Run
  • New year’s
  • Happy Christmas (Snowman)
  • Winter Race (Mystic clock)
  • Cross Windy
  • St Patrick's Run
  • Yeti
  • Pizza Run
  • Wonder Mother
  • Father’s Day Run
  • Boston Strong
  • Super Mom
  • Fahter’s day
  • Race of Dead.
  • This medal will be delivered after complete the challenge
  • For all participants registered from August 20th in any race
  • You just have to complete 6 out of 12 of the competitions already mentioned.
  • You can join the race by signing up individually, according to the virtual races schedule.
  • You can also sign up by only $99, 99. This way you can get 9 medals, (run 1-6 races of them are not mandatory!) an extra medal and the Emperor’s Lion Leoncio XI medal.
  • You will be informed via e-mail about the shipping of the medals to your current postal address.
  • Remember, it is a virtual race. You can participate from anywhere according to your schedule.
  • The race distances you can choose are: 10K/ 5K/ 1K or Half Marathon or any distance where you like. ( distances is optional for you).
  • If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to : race_director@runners2life.com

Event details and schedule


July 01, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Running-Challenge of Survivors "Earn Free Lion Knight Templar Medal 7"(seven inches) Half Marathon /10k /5k /1k - Challenge “The Lion Templar Medal 7” inches. Complete the challenge of survivors and earn free the Lion Templar Medal: In this pack you get nine medals one transaction. (not t-shirts included)


Running-Challenge of Survivors "Earn Free Lion Knight Templar Medal 7"(seven inches) Half Marathon /10k /5k /1k - Challenger of Survivors Earn Free Special Medals From US (Remote Races Series) Leon Knight Templar Medal: Price ($ 99.99/ 9 medals total: Halloween Pumpkin Run, Halloween Owl Medal, Turkey Trot, Santa Christmas Run, Happy Christmas (Snowman), Cross Windy,



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