"Will Run for Beer!" Is it a Party, or a Race?

This is it folks, the Title Race for the “Will Run for Beer” Race Series. The Smuttynose “Will Run for Beer” 5K will be a terrific wrap-up to this outstanding series on the New England coast. This is the second annual “Will Run for Beer” event running in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The new course will start and finish right on Main Street in the village of Newmarket, just south of the LOCO Running headquarters and outlet.

Runners can head out quickly from the finish to the big post race bash, Yankee Timing will post results very quickly and accurately using the highly rated Chronotrack "D" chip system, a great enhancement and unusual for a 5K. Results will be reposted at the party later.

Newmarket and LOCO will host the big Palooza (“The best post-race party on the Seacoast”), which will feature craft beers from Smuttynose Brewing Company of nearby Portsmouth, and wings from the famous Wings Your Way Restaurant, along with chili from various other local restaurants. There will be enough food to satisfy the hungriest of runners, along with Smuttynose served just right. LOCO Palooza: This party will be held in a waterfront park along the Lamprey River, with beautiful scenery and FREE boat rides. The featured band will be “All Together Now”, a really good Beatles Tribute Band. Check details at teh race Website: http://www.locorunning.com/smuttynose-index.html

It is a terrific 5K, and the post race will be the essence of the series. This will be one really enjoyable race and party (live music anyone?), and a fitting conclusion to this unique coastal series. And of course runners will rock out during the afternoon. You can party on with all the other race and series participants while swapping stories and comparing notes about this unique event. Gone LOCO, “Will Run for Beer”—it has its own reward. This will be one terrific race, one enjoyable party, and a fitting conclusion to a great series. Register now at http://www.active.com/page/Event_Details.htm?event_id=1722556

The Final Race for the 2009 Series
This race is the finale, the essence of the series, which has become a much-loved New England coastal phenomenon. Awards for the series are totally separate from prizes for the race. Series prizes will be awarded for individuals based on cumulative points. Awards will be given for the five overall high scorers, top five open division (to age 39), first five Masters (40 to 49), top five Veterans (50 to 59), and first five seniors (60-and-over). Additionally, there are cash awards for the top three overall, and merchandise awards for the top age group winners.

All are eligible for the jacket (five races to qualify) and for random prize drawings. Yes, running only five of the seven will receive the unique “Will Run for Beer” jacket, very nice indeed. It began with the Hangover Classic on January 1st, and continued with the Inauguration Day 5K, the Half at the Hamptons, April Fools Four Mile, Great Bay Half Marathon and 5K, and the Margarita’s Dos Equis 5K, one race each month. Series Awards and race awards will be presented at the Smuttynose “Will Run for Beer” 5K post race party.

NEW Course
Gone LOCO, and gone is the uphill finish from 2008. This year the race starts and finishes on South Main Street, and has a great downhill finish. It tours the village of Newmarket and enjoys loops through neighborhoods both north and west of downtown with fewer turns. Please see the Website for maps and also for directions.

New Hampshire Grand Prix
This race will also be the third event in the RRCA New Hampshire Grand Prix, a series of seven races within the Granite State. New Hampshire running clubs will battle it out for supremacy with friendly competition in team scoring that is very closely contested as of this writing.

LOCO Running
This company was founded to manufacture and distribute running shoes—running shoes designed by runners, for runners. They are also an event management company presenting outstanding races throughout New England. Their dedication to the sport and attention to detail are admirable. They are available online or at their running specialty store at 102 Main Street, Newmarket, NH 03857. LOCO has shown that when you do it right, runners appreciate the effort and respond. Visit the Website at www.locorunning.com for product details.

Come to Newmarket and Really Enjoy Your Race Experience
This race is for anyone; and everyone is welcome, walkers and runners, whether they are running only this race, or are participating in a few or all races in the series. This race is both an outstanding individual event and the finale to the second annual “Will Run for Beer” Series. Your experience will be very special for this race alone. The key is enjoyable competition in a really fun atmosphere. New Englanders who love both running and a cold one with tasty foods can participate right in their own back yard in picturesque Newmarket.

LOCO is dedicated to providing the most fun possible--an enjoyable party atmosphere and a great, well organized race. And they provide that famous craft Smuttynose, chili and wings to all as a terrific reward.

The primary organizer, the LOCO Guy, decided to create a whole new race specifically designed around the big post-race, end-of-series party, and received great support from primary sponsor Smuttynose Brewing Company. What a combination, resulting in the “Will Run for Beer 5K.” Is it a race or a party? Is it a party or a race? Palooza! You will have to run and attend to find out, and I will see you there.

You will definitely enjoy this quaint New England mill town with access to the Great Bay estuary.

Gone LOCO, Will Run for Beer! Hey, runners do, and this gives this race and the series a whole new, fun, and rewarding dynamic. It has a great venue, "D" chip timing, awards, and a super post race party with taps flowing. You can’t beat it! Let’s Party!

For further information e-mail info@locorunning.com, or call Mike at 603-659-2824, or check the Website at:

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