Rocketchix Racing

Rocket Racing believes that there is an athlete in every woman of every age. Women often suspend their personal health goals to raise family, pursue careers, juggle both or they simply never had the information or opportunity to try an athletic endeavor.

Sue Ferrell, a Rocketchix participant said "I don't think my grandkids believed I was an athlete in high school. Now they know." Sue completed the inaugural Rocketchix triathlon on a slick, 45-year-old bike and crossed the finish line with her kids and grandkids by her side.

Women are the primary decision makers for the next generation, a generation that is dealing with epidemic childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Rocket Racing believes that an active parent or role model is the one of most effective means of changing the childhood obesity trend.

The Rocketchix Series presented by The Fitness Center at Woman's Center for Wellness is a series of races just for women, organized and produced by Rocket Racing. Proceeds from the Rocketchix Series benefit the Rocketkidz Foundation and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Rocketkidz Foundation is an organization with a mission to fight childhood obesity along the Gulf Coast Region. Proceeds from the races are used by Rocketkidz Foundation to provide fitness opportunities for children in the region.

The 2009 Rocketchix series includes two triathlons, a duathlon and an adventure run. These races focus on beginners but even the most competitive athletes will enjoy the event. The triathlons have a fat tire division so that mountain bikes and cruisers can get in on the action. Relay teams are also welcome.

Rocketchix does more than offer events. They get you started with a low-barrier approach to multisport. The Rocketchix website offers free training guides to help get you started--with three levels of experience-based training programs.

Rocketchix works with area swim programs, Crawfish Aquatics and Tiger Aquatics, to provide monthly swim clinics that address total beginners to intermediate swimmers. The Fitness Center (our presenting sponsor) offers triathlon training classes, Tri 101 lectures, swim instruction and membership specials for competitors.

Local area cyclists have pitched in to provide women's cycling clinics and group rides to teach riding safety (VeloChicks Yahoo Group). BREC and LSU provide invaluable resources and facilities to aid in executing the race as well as race day help. Varsity Sports, an award winning running specialty store, offers free training run groups several times a week as well as a training group just for those folks interested in fitness walking. Through Varsity, Brooks and Moving Comfort have offered heart rate training clinics and training gear help. Together, all these people are helping women realize that they can achieve something amazing by doing it one small step at a time.

The bottom line is simply that it is easier to motivate yourself to workout if you have a daily plan and a goal. One day at a time, one decision at a time. Talk a friend into it, commit to the race and before you know it, you've completed the training, started good habits, and are ready to cross the finish line!

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