Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K—Historic Course, Fast Times, and a Lot to Love

Are you ready runners, to go down in history!? Run some of America's most historic courses: Philadelphia's Marathon, Half Marathon, Rothman Institute 8K, or Kids' Fun Run on November 18th-20th, 2011.

Runners of all ages, it is time to hit the pavement and start training for America's most historic race program located in one our country's first and top cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The City of Brotherly Love has much love for athletes and you will be treated to a running adventure through historic Philly running the streets of this colonial city. Saddle up with your forefathers, get out your quill pen, and mark your calendar for this history-making weekend: The Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, Rothman Institute 8K, and Kids' Fun Run and Race Expo November 18-20, 2011.

1,776 Reasons to Run Philly
This will be the 18th annual Philadelphia Marathon, a world-class event that has grown steadily. This marathon is now America's 9th largest marathon (Running USA) with just under 9,000 finishers in 2010. Yet this race has a small-town-feel and no qualifying time, an appealing alternative to races where you must win a lottery and/or pay a hefty fee.

The entirety of this race weekend is organized by the city of Philadelphia and they do an incredible job. One reason this event has grown steadily and significantly in the last eighteen years is due to the city's ability to organize such a complex community event with such diligence and detail. Philadelphians are proud to support and participate in this, and is something to look forward to every November. Its no wonder the weekend garners such community support and great volunteers year after year - it isn't called the City of Brotherly Love for nothing! Over 2,500 volunteers will devote time and energy to the weekend; the volunteer effort helps make this marathon weekend so successful.

Philadelphia has something special to offer all who journey here. This city is culturally rich because it is entrenched in history and there is so much to see and do. At every turn there is a journey through time, with relics of Native American culture, early colonial settlers, and the beginnings of American democracy. Independence and freedom! However, even if you aren't a history buff, Philadelphia is still a must-see city. Located just two hours from New York City and Baltimore, Philadelphia was our nation's first capital. Today it is America's fifth city in population, vibrant and diverse. Philadelphia is celebrated for its colonial and modern architecture, thriving art and music scene, top chef-owned restaurants, high-end shopping avenues, and vibrant nightlife.

For runners and outdoor enthusiasts Philadelphia is a haven: there are hundreds of acres of trails, wildlife preserves, gardens, and parks. For running and hiking, go to Valley Forge National Historic Park, the Mason Dixon Trail, Sadsbury Woods Preserve, and of course the famous Schuylkill River Trail, part of the marathon and half marathon course. There are also other adventures in the area including zip lining, hot air ballooning, kayaking, biking and more!

The Declaration of Incredible Racing
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that runners of all abilities can achieve their goals in Philadelphia. For elite runners, beginners, and everyone in between, the city has thoughtfully planned a mostly level course with subtle elevation changes throughout. For runner's wanting to qualify for Boston, this marathon must not be missed. The course is fast, with a starting elevation of 54 feet above sea level, and an ending elevation of 82 feet. There are small rolling hills, but mostly in the first half of the race, allowing you to save most of your energy for a strong second half finish. Elevation never exceeds 100 feet, so this is an extremely fast qualifying course. This race can help you achieve your Personal Best! And remember, all races are walker-friendly, so walkers are encouraged.

The city caps the number of participants at 23,000 for the three main events. This keeps the marathon, half marathon and 8K at manageable size for the city's colonial avenues and byways. There will be plenty of room for runners in Philadelphia, a testament to how well the events have been mapped out by the city's planners. This is just another reason to begin your training program and register now!

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