Mizuno's Wave Prophecy Running Shoe

Running shoes can make or break your stride. It's difficult to find that perfect pair. You need to make sure your feet are comfortable, you have the right support and want the price to be reasonable. You search high and low, but once you find your match your runs are smooth sailing.

Are you on the hunt for a new pair of running shoes? You might want to look at the new Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoe.

I've had my running shoes for six months and was ready to make the upgrade. I was going to get the updated model of my shoe, since I loved it. I ran three half marathons in them and was not looking forward to shoe shop. However, these Mizuno shoes fell onto my lap and I figured, "why not, I'll give them a shot."

My first reaction; they're cute. But, I don't let style factor into my decision making when it come to running shoes. I choose comfort over style. Knowing Mizuno is a reputable brand, I decided slip them on and go for a short run.

Immediately my foot felt comfortable and secure. I have a narrow foot and it's hard to find something that can give me the right support. I went for a little jog to make sure my foot wasn't slipping.

My stride felt great. The shoe was very light. There was no slipping, knees felt supported, no blisters and I was able to knock a few seconds off my pace. 

Additionally, The Wave Prophecy offers mesh fabric perfect for breathability, comfort and protection.

This high quality shoe has unique features that protect your foot from heel to toe. It feels like a custom fit shoe because of the Gender Engineering? technology.

As I continue to train for my marathon I notice my stride is light, my joints are protected and my feet are happy. The Wave Prophecy is a nice running shoe to pick up and is available now.

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Fara Rosenzweig is the an online lifestyle editor for Active.com. She is an gym fanatic, runner and yogi.

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