Mayor's Cup Cross Country Races in Boston

*Editor’s Note: This is an event preview for the 2008 Mayor's Cup Cross country Races and refers to the event details and descriptions from that year.

This is your cross country race; this is where you challenge yourself on one of the best racing venues in the eastern USA. Running at Boston's famed Franklin Park on October 26, a true gem in the Emerald Necklace, this is the race for teams and individuals looking for a new, enjoyable, challenging, and more intense and rewarding running/racing experience. Looking for something more than your average vanilla 5K or 8K? This is it!

There will be a women's championship 5K race, and a men's championship 8K event for very high level regional, national, and international stars. There will be three youth races of 1.1 miles for ages 14-and under. And there will be an open competition for all others--the Franklin Park 5K, run on the same course as the championship event. This is Running in the Fall! This is racing! It is instinctive; it is invigorating; it is as much fun as you and teammates can have in autumn running.

This is the 19th year for the Mayor's Cup Cross Country events at Franklin Park and the seventh year for the Franklin Park 5K, the Mayor's Cup race open to all. The Boston Athletic Association and Adidas are the primary sponsors of the Mayor's Cup Races. The B.A.A. supports many community and competitive running activities through out the year, including the sold-out B.A.A. Half Marathon which tours the Emerald Necklace on October 12; and of course it is best known for hosting the B.A.A. Boston Marathon, the world's oldest annual marathon-the 113th will be running April 20, 2009.

USATF-New England administers the Mayor's Cup in conjunction with the Boston Centers for Youth and Families. USA Track & Field (USATF) is the National Governing Body for track and field, long-distance running, and race walking in the United States. USATF encompasses the world's oldest organized sports, the most-watched events of the Olympic Games.

Track and field and cross country are the top high school and junior high school participatory sports, and there are more than 30 million adult runners in the United States. Some of the best--and some of the most enthusiastic of these--will be present at the Mayor's Cup races on Sunday, October 26. This highly anticipated event is truly for everyone--all mainstream runners can get back to their roots and also be a fan/spectator at top level national meet.

It will make you a better runner!

Best of all in addition to your own race you can thrill to high level competition as a spectator, watching some of the best. And you can watch the kids compete at a level of competition that bodes well for the future of this sport (not your average kids' fun run, but a real racing experience).

Then you can run your own race with all the thrills, intensity, and natural beauty of cross country on a course used for National Championships and even a World Championship--truly one of the best venues around. Multi-loop courses make it even more interesting for competitors and spectators alike.

Perhaps you ran X-C in high school or college, and thought it was only for the young. Not true! This event gives everyone--teams and individuals of all levels, all ages--a chance to experience and enjoy this wonderfully organized, beautifully orchestrated, multi-race event. It is a gem alright, easy to enter, and easy to get to; you should not miss this opportunity.

Reintroduce the concept and enjoy the camaraderie of a team on New England's premiere venue for cross country. Run the storied course and experience it with friends. Teams and individuals must be USATF members, or the international equivalent, to participate in the championship races. Membership is encouraged for all others, but is not required for eligibility in the open Franklin Park 5K. You won't want to miss this unique race. No excuses.

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