Her Story: Anne Bonney, Run For It

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Anne Bonney

Baltimore, Maryland

Sports: Triathlon, running, cycling, volleyball

Age: 34

Profession: Marketing manager

How I got started in sports: At work I was recruited for a three-mile relay leg of the Baltimore Marathon. I liked it so much that eight months later I ran the Kona Marathon.

Athletic highlights: Finishing the Iron distance 2005 Great Floridian Triathlon and the 2007 Antarctica Marathon, where I ran in ski goggles and dodged penguins and fur seals along the course.

Athletic goals: I'm training for the Chicago Marathon and the JFK 50 Mile in November. 
Favorite fuel: Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and Ultima replenisher

What gets me through: When I have to do a long run or ride alone, I distract myself by playing silly games, like picking a boy's name for each letter of the alphabet, then a food for each letter, and so on. If I'm having a particularly tough time, I'll sing Dory's song, Just Keep Swimming from Finding Nemo.

Surprising talents: I used to train marine mammals at the New England Aquarium and birds of prey in Arizona. Also, I sing opera. 

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