A 10-Week Plan to Run 5K for Beginning Runners

Training Tips

Get in the habit of doing a good warm-up

Recovery is as important as the days you're running. Use your days off wisely. Spread out your days off. For example, if your schedule calls for two days off, don't take them on consecutive days.

Consider recruiting a friend, spouse or family member as a running partner. Running is easier when done with a friend.

Don't overdo it! This is the classic mistake made by many folks when beginning a running program. Stick to the schedule, even if it seems a bit easy at first.

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Get into a routine. Like anything else, a beginner running program is easier if it becomes routine. Set aside a certain time each day that is designated as your running time.

You may experience some soreness. This is normal. However, if you experience sharp pain, it's best to stop. Proper rest might do the trick. However, if the pain ramps up again, consult a doctor.

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