7 Tools to Prevent Injuries

THE PROBLEM: Foot, shin, ankle pain

THE FIX: Zoot Active Compression socks $60

These snug-fitting socks improve circulation, reduce swelling, and keep muscles and tendons warm. zootsports.com


THE PROBLEM: Achy hamstrings and knees during a run

THE FIX: Saucony AMP PRO2 Training Tight $110

Sturdy fabric may support major leg muscles in an effort to delay muscle fatigue. saucony.com

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THE PROBLEM: Hamstring weakness, knee pain

THE FIX: Thera-band $4 and up

These stretchy bands enable you to do resistance training and physical therapy at home. optp.com


THE PROBLEM: Achilles tendinitis, calf soreness, shinsplints

THE FIX: 2XU's Compression Calf Guards $55

Footless sleeves support the shins, calves, and Achilles. It's an alternative to taping for shinsplints. 2xu.com


THE PROBLEM: Plantar fasciitis

THE FIX: The Strassburg Sock $40

These socks keep your arches in a stretched position so that irritated plantar fascia can heal optimally while you rest. thesock.com

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THE PROBLEM: Sore hamstrings and knees after a run

THE FIX: Zoot Recovery Compress RX $150

These tights are similar to training versions, but with more compression to ease post exercise soreness. They feel sort of like a massage—a soothing pressure on your sore muscles. zootsports.com


THE PROBLEM: Tight iliotibial bands, hamstrings, calves

THE FIX: PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers $6 to $20

A weekly professional sports massage is great, if you can afford it. But with a foam roller, you can get many of the same benefits from self-massage at home. performbetter.com

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