7 Bags for Runners

Runners ask a lot of their luggage. Travel bags must be versatile enough to keep up with our active itineraries.

Gym bags should keep our gear organized (shoes stowed separately, thank you) so we can focus on running.

Here, seven bags that meet these demands—and more.

Travel Bags

Long Hauler

You've got your dirty running shoes, damp tank top, and a brand-new Nano. No worries, the Ogio Layover Travel Bag ($179) has a compartment for each. This spacious, wheeled duffel features two large internal mesh pockets, compression straps for cinching down a week's worth of running outfits (plus clothes to see the sights in), and three external pockets that provide easy access to passports, keys, and race packets. On the return flight, you can take advantage of the bag's expansion zipper to fit all of your souvenirs and race schwag. ogio.com

Quick-Change Artist

For runners tackling a life-list race like, say, the Great Wall Marathon, the versatile Osprey Meridian 22" ($299) helps you (or at least your gear) arrive intact. The bag wheels along via a retractable handle, or it can strap to your shoulders as a backpack with a supercomfy hipbelt. Once you're checked into the hotel, you can zip off the daypack, which is roomy enough for a few changes of clothes (with a mesh pocket to stash wet, stinky items). This clever trick also lets the Meridian meet strict airplane carry-on requirements. ospreypacks.com

Frequent Traveler

The Jansport 20" Wheeled Duffel ($150) is made for quick changes on the go. It's small enough to roll into a bathroom stall, but still has enough space for your race-day outfit, warmup sweats, toiletries, and some extra outfits for celebrating that PR. It also has a small accessory pocket for quick-access items like passports. The Jansport's rugged corner-mounted wheels and edge bumpers allow type-A runners to sprint to the airport, throw the bag in the overhead, and make it back to the office by the boss's 8 a.m. meeting. jansport.com

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