5 Tips for Marathon Success From Dr. Oz Garcia

*Editor's Note: Dr. Oz Garcia helped Veronica Webb run the ING NYC Marathon in 2009.

What does it take to run the New York City Marathon? Model and actress Veronica Webb is about to find out. Webb will run the annual ING New York City Marathon to raise money for Harlem United, an aids service provider.

Webb has been working with celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia, Ph.D. to maintain her diet and health. The two have worked together for 17 years, but Garcia's guidance during marathon training has been especially important.

To keep Webb injury-free, Garcia suggested a number of vitamins and supplements for a balanced diet, including BCAA (an amino acid that makes bones stronger), Vitamin D (which regenerates your cells and builds elasticity) and glucosamine (which helps puts enzymes back into your joints and bones to prevent pain).

Here are Garcia's five tips for marathon success leading up to race day:


Leading up to the marathon have your muscles massaged as much as your budget allows. Regular massages will make you more limber, reduce lactic acid, prevent injury, and help you recover faster.

Steam Sauna

Spending 10 to 15 minutes in a steam room will reduce inflammation and reduce lactic acid in the muscles, which can lead to a burning sensation after physical exertion.

Hot/Cold Showers

Start your shower at your normal temperature and then go a bit hotter. Then bring the temperature down to freezing cold. Bring the shower temperature back up to hot and then bring it down to freezing cold once again. These temperature shifts will increase circulation throughout your body and improve your run tremendously.

Super Hydrate

In place of Gatorade, take a packet of Amino Vital Quick Charge and add it to a bottle of Oz Water. The branch chain amino acids found in Amino Vital work like fuel in the body and reduce the byproducts of stress.

Carb Depletion Diet

In the week leading up to the race, eat heavy amounts of protein, vegetables and fruits. In the last few days, load up on yams, squash, beets, rice and beans. The night before the race have a yam or two, organic rice with beans like chic-peas or lentils, a slab of halibut or salmon and a side of vegetable stir fry prepared in lots of olive oil. Just lay off the gluten in wheat (yes, that includes pasta) because it will slow you down.

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