3 Winter Activities Without Lift Lines

Cross-Country Skiing

Traditional cross-country or skate skiing are two more options to enjoy a beautiful winter's day. Almost all ski resorts have a Nordic center nearby. Bring your own equipment or rent everything there. Take in the views and enjoy the relation you share with nature. Skate skiing can be an incredible calorie burn.

"I grew up cross-country skiing, so that's all I knew," says Jess Aldighieri. As a former collegiate competitor in the sport, her fitness is still in top condition. Since retiring from the event she's since become an avid alpine skier. "I can't believe what a strong overall physical base Nordic skiing has given me. Now I go Alpine skiing for fun, then come home, change, and hit the trails for a couple of hours to get a good workout."

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Remember to wear appropriate clothing for each exercise. Thermal layers are always the way to go for sweat wicking and warmth. It's better to have to take clothes off rather than not have enough to put on. Wool ski socks, a hat that covers your ears, appropriate gloves, and sensible eye wear are all vital necessities for winter activities. Keep extra dry clothes in a backpack or your car to be able to change into once you're finished.

Water and snacks are just as important. Keep a water bottle accessible at all times. Snacks should be just as readily available.

A cool down is as important as your warm up. Stretch your tired muscles. Let your heart rate come back to a normal beat before jumping in the car or plopping down on the couch.

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