11 Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Run

True confessions: Even pros and age-group winners have days when they don't feel like getting out there and working out. Fortunately, when motivation eludes you and stay-at-home inertia hits, there are things you can do to detach yourself from the couch and find your motivation to work out.

Change a Vowel

"Getting out there," says Terence Gerchberg, a New York City Nike marathon training coach, "is not about 'I've got to run,' it's 'I get to run.'" Or swim, bike, row, cross-train or whatever else you're doing. Get the "should" out of there and see how much easier it becomes when you connect to the fact that not everyone has the ability or opportunity to get out there today.

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See The Big Picture

"The most powerful thing you can have is a purpose," says Earl Walton, head coach at TriLife in New York City. Give yourself something to say "yes" to. You might not want to go running at noon on a given Tuesday—the only available time you have. But do you want to make your time goal in your upcoming race? That's a yes. You can't have one without the other, so get out there and do it.

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Buy New Stuff

Sometimes, a little retail therapy can do wonders for your workout motivation. Who doesn't want to see how fast they'll fly in new running shoes or how pumped up they'll get with a new favorite song?

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Get Your Stuff Ready

"Eliminate as many barriers to the start of your workout as you can. If you know you have a long run the next day, lay your stuff out the night before," Walton says. "You're decreasing the number of things you have to manage in order to get moving."

Do a Destination Run

Motivate yourself by putting on your running shoes and running to the farmer's market or the weekend food/restaurant fair. (Bonus: No need to drive around endlessly looking for parking). Then bring yourself and your finds home on public transportation, or meet friends there and catch a ride home. "I'm vegan and there's a vegan caf? that makes great cinnamon buns. Sometimes I grab a friend and we go up there just to get them," Gerchberg says.

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