10 Ways to Embrace Minimalist Running

Anyone who pays attention to running these days likely gets bombarded with talk about minimalist running. While the concept has been hijacked by those talking about footwear (or lack thereof), it's application is much broader than that. In fact, taking a minimalist approach?is a helpful philosophy for life in general—the idea is to do, seek, or possess just enough to cover your basic needs for health, happiness and well-being.

In a world where the pressure is always on "doing more," taking a minimalist perspective helps us instead ask, "Why do I need this?" This ideology brings a healthy degree of skepticism to new methods.?It doesn't preclude making changes in our approach, but forces us to better assess such changes to make sure they are really worthwhile.

Assuming that running well or competitively is your primary goal, as opposed to building muscles, or just running for pure health reasons, here are seven ways to expand the concept of minimalist running to guide decisions about your training. This article first appeared on Predawn Runner.

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