Running Skirts Review

Running skirts are the new fashion statement in the running world. Almost every sports gear company offers a version of them now, but there is only one company that can call itself the original:

Created six years ago by marathoners and twin sisters Cindy and Christie, Running Skirts has re-calibrated the basic black shorts and T-shirt uniform that was once the typical female runner's attire.

The original running skirt is fashioned of buttery soft and lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. These ladies really have an eye for adorable.

Every new collection of designs gets more innovative and fashion-forward. You can still choose from basic black and bright, fun solids, but also many bold and pretty patterns with catchy names such as Black Paisley and Heartstooth.

The skirts are great quality; the same fabric is used throughout, with no sewn-in elastic to pinch you or lumpy drawstrings to tie. Every skirt has two pockets built in with velcro closures, and are large enough to hold some energy gels, a key or a small iPod.

The waistline is low but not too low. It stays put and is made to flatter just about every body. And most importantly, this skirt is exceptionally comfortable. It feels light, fits easy, and doesn't ride up or flop around in the wind.

The earlier running skirt offerings included a pair of built-in compression shorts, but they now make briefs as well, which some may find preferable. An added benefit of the hidden brief is versatility: it can be worn by itself on warm days, or easily thrown over a pair of capris or tights as the weather cools down, for added warmth and modesty. offers a variety of different skirt styles, including the ultra lightweight Triathlon skirt, SubZero skirts with long running tights underneath, capri skirts, maternity skirts and even knee-length Spirit Skirts.

But doesn't stop at skirts. They also offer colorful compression shorts called Run Buns, performance tees, cute compression socks, arm sleeves, sporty dresses, and even rundies—a cheeky week-long set of run-der-wear with words like Tempo and Easy 6 printed on the back.

All these accessories come in patterns and palettes to match the skirts, so its easy to coordinate an entire outfit. Any of these items would make a fantastic gift for your favorite runner chick, or for yourself.

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Trisha Reeves is a half marathoner with more than 10 years of running experience. 

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