Obstacle Runs: Which One Do I Choose?

Where Do You Want to Go?

Maybe you've got some vacation time and you want to make a trip out of it. Look for events on opposite coasts, where you can make a camping trip out of it, in the same city as friends or relatives you want to visit or, heck, plan a trip to Australia. However, if you're low on cash or need to stay local, find an event near you.

Assess Your Fitness Level

Sure, it's meant to be challenging, but make sure you can run the distance of the race you sign up for and tackle all the obstacles. You may need to train but pick an event that's within your grasp.

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Find out What Your Friends Are Into

If your friends are talking about an event or have already signed up, chances are you might like to jump on that bandwagon. Making it a group thing can help you decide what event you all want to do together. "Beg and bribe your friends to sign up with you," says Bateman. "The more, the merrier."

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