How to Start a Running Blog

5. Stay away from negative people.

There are many who think that blogging is dumb and self-centered. Simply ignore them. If this is someone very close to you, explain your goals. If they still object, that's their problem.

6. Write with care.

This idea comes from Hugh MacLeod's excellent book Ignore Everybody. In the beginning, you can write anything without consequence. As your blog increases in popularity, so do the consequences of your actions and thoughts. Be careful what you post and make sure you can defend it.

7. Remember that success comes slowly.

The very nature of blogging is gradual growth. You slowly accumulate more followers. Of course, they tend to snowball. The more followers you have, the more they share. The more they share, the faster you grow. Still, it can be discouraging in the beginning. Keep at it. Those that persevere are those that succeed.

8. Develop a set of principles.

As you grow, people and companies may ask you to do a variety of things. Companies may offer you money in exchange for positive reviews. Others may demand that you change negative reviews. Remember that your reputation is on the line. Respect the trust of your readers and have a definitive set of ideals to help you make difficult decisions.

9. Set priorities you can live with.

The more popular your blog becomes, the more time it consumes. The more time it consumes, the less time you have to interact with others. You may find you have less time to contribute to forums or other online activity. Set your priorities according to your personal goals.

10. Forge your own path.

Instead of just standing out from the crowd, avoid crowds altogether. Experiment with your blog. You may end up with something decidedly different—and better.

Are you a blogger? Do you have any other tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment below.

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Jason Robillard is sponsored by Merrell and travels the world with his family, running trails and racing ultra marathons. He is the author of The Barefoot Running Book and his blog is a go-to source within the ultra and minimalist running communities.

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