6 Tips to Tackle an Obstacle Course

The Mud Run Cheat Sheet

Spartan Race champion Hobie Call offers up these six tips for obstacle course domination

Outfit your feet

"You want a shoe with aggressive traction and a thin upper, so that it won't absorb a lot of water. Look for shoes designed specifically for cross-country racing. I like the support and cushioning of the New Balance XC 700 ($60; shopnew balance.com). Looking for another style? Try these Best New Trail Running Shoes.

Also important: Wear acrylic socks, since they don't absorb much water, and make sure they completely cover your ankles, so it's harder for dirt and rocks to get inside."

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And your body

"Go shirtless if you can. A shirt will get wet, muddy, and weigh you down and chafe your skin. If you must wear a shirt, go with something tight-fitting so it doesn't snag on things."

Fuel and hydration

"During the longer races, water stations can be few and far between, so it's important to carry a really slim hydration pack filled with a sports drink. And bring a few packs of gel,you're going to burn a lot of calories."


"Don't go faster when you hit an obstacle. Keep a steady pace and keep your intensity levels even. People get ramped up for the obstacles but that can hurt you in the long run." Instead, boost your overall fitness and speed with these 5 Moves That'll Make You Faster.

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Take It in stride

"Keep your sense of humor. When you hit an obstacle that you're not ready for, don't get frustrated. Have fun."

Have no fear

"Anyone can do these. I saw a 73-year-old woman finish one of the harder obstacle races that we competed in."

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