2010 ING NYC Marathon Course Preview

The first New York City Marathon, in 1970, was four-plus laps of Central Park. In 1976, in celebration of the U.S. bicentennial, NYRR moved the marathon to the streets of New York's five boroughs: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. The course united dozens of culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods, crossed five bridges, and finished at Tavern on the Green in world-famous Central Park. The course continues to challenge thousands of athletes every year and has become a model for big-city marathon courses around the world.

Signage, Clocks, and Checkpoints

Mile signs and clocks will be posted at every mile. Before mile 8, check the clock marked with color-coded signs corresponding to your start color. (The orange, green, and blue starts merge at mile 8.) After mile 8, all mile markers are orange.

Course clocks will be set to correspond with Wave 1.

Yellow kilometer signs and clocks will be posted every 5 kilometers.

Timing mats will be located at the start, 5km, 10km, 8 mile, 9 mile, 15km, 10 mile, 11 mile, 12 mile, 20km, 13 mile, Half-Marathon, 14 mile, 15 mile, 25km, 16 mile, 17 mile, 18 mile, 30km, 19 mile, 20 mile, 21 mile, 35km, 22 mile, 23 mile, 24 mile, 40km, 25 mile, and 26 mile marks as well as the finish. Failure to cross all mats could lead to incorrect scoring or disqualification.

There will be video checkpoints and volunteers checking race numbers along the course. Be sure your race number is pinned to the front of your shirt and clearly visible. Failure to appear at video checkpoints may result in disqualification.


Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water will be available at the start and at official fluid stations every mile beginning at mile 3—over 1.6 million cups.

Gatorade G Series Pro Endurance Formula sports drink will be available at official fluid stations every mile beginning at mile 3 (except at mile 17).

At each fluid station, there will be tables on both sides of the course. To avoid the bottleneck at the first table, get your beverage from a later table. Fluids will be dispensed in recyclable cups; all cups dropped along the course will be recycled.

Please keep moving even after you pick up your beverage. If you wish to slow down to drink, do so after you have passed all tables.

The Poland Spring Hydration Zone—two blocks of a Poland Spring environment including water stations and music—will be located at mile 17 on First Avenue. Sponges soaked with water will be available at the Poland Spring Hydration Zone as well.

For your safety, take fluids only at these official stations. They will be protected by race security.


More than 130 live bands stationed at regular intervals along the course will motivate and entertain participants and spectators alike. A special stage at Columbus Circle sponsored by Continental Airlines will provide inspiration for the final .2 mile, and there will be live entertainment at the finish line as well.


At the PowerGel Energy Zone at mile 18, assorted flavored PowerGels will help you hurdle "the wall" and energize you to the finish. For your safety, take food only at this official station. It will be protected by race security. For more information about available flavors, click here.

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