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Sunday, January 1, 2017
Check the club web site for relevant information at www.pearlandcyclingclub.org PearlandTX  77584
Sunday, January 1, 2017
Check the club web site for relevant information at www.pearlandcyclingclub.org PearlandTX  77584

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PCC membership and club activity information.

Your membership is effective from Jan 1 through December 31 of the current year.

Merchandise Available

Unless otherwise announced by the clubs board of directors the PCC willl take clothing orders once per year every January The club makes new orders once the manufacturers minimums are met. If you make a purchase you may have to wait an unspecified amount of time possibly many weeks until that minimum is met and the order is processed manufactured and shipped before you receive your garment. To inquire what sizes may be currently available call 281 489 9376. (Must be a member to purchase)

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We invite you to join us in our annual Great Escape Bicycle Ride! A MS150 recommended ride held every year in mid March. To learn more visit the rides general information web site here: http://www.pearlandcyclingclub.org/tge.html

DISCLOSURE FOR CLUB SUBSIDIZED EVENTS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTERING:The Pearland Cycling Club is pleased to be able to subsidize ridership in local organized rides and other club activities. If you are a benefactor of the clubs generosity, please plan on volunteering for our annual fund raiser, The Great Escape held in mid March - mark your calendar for your chance to volunteer. The majority of club revenues comes from this fund raiser and allows us to contribute to local charities and to subsidize club members' activities and clothing. Thank you in advance for your help.In addition, wear club gear if you have it when you participate in club subsidized rides so the Pearland Cycling Club can get exposure.You must be a dues paying club member to take advantage of club subsidies on club clothing and club activities.Current Annual Club Sponsored Rides:1. Katy Flatlands - annual event around July 17 each year2. Wallis Independence Ride - annual event around Oct. 22 each year 3. Bike Around the Bay - annual event around Oct. 8 each yearINSTRUCTIONS TO PARTICIPATE IN CLUB SPONSORED RIDES:1. Wait until you receive notification via the Pearland Cycling Club's Yahoo group that the club is accepting indications of interest from club members who want to participate in the event - this will usually be around 4-5 weeks (or earlier) before the ride date. There will be a stated limit as to how many riders the club will be subsidizing and it will be on a first come first serve basis.2. Respond to the email soliciting indications of interest with a "Yes - I would like to participate in the ride and take advantage of the club subsidy" to the club or board member who is handling the logistics for that ride.3. Go to the relevant rides web site (you will have to do a web search and find it yourself) and fill out the registration form/waiver for the ride. Once completed email the form to the PCC board or club member that has volunteered to handle the logistics. If you pay but do not submit the registration form in a timely matter you run the risk of not being allowed to participate in the ride and forfeiting your portion of the registration fee.4. Pay for your part of the entry fee at the Pearland Cycling Club Active.com web site. Go to the PCC web site at www.pearlandcyclingclub.com. Click on the "Join Now" button located in the navigation bar. Once you have been redirected to the Active.com web site click on the green "Register Now" button. Fill in the bubble next to the relevant ride and make your payment. If you can not make your payment it means the maximum amount of riders has already been met and you are to late.5. Show up at the ride on the day of the event and have fun.


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Check the club web site for relevant information at www.pearlandcyclingclub.org PearlandTX  77584
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