Eureka! Lightning Bug Sleeping Bag for Kids

A ThermaShield Premium fill and Wicking 190T polyester taffeta liner make this sleeping bag very warm for children. It also has a roomy inside and a non-locking, self-repairing coil zipper, which is perfect for kids.

Reviewed by Lisa Clark from Evans, Georgia.

Q: How many times have you used the Lightning Bug Sleeping Bag?
A: We used the Lightning Bug two times during the test period.

Q: Is the sleeping bag comfortable to sleep in?
A: This sleeping bag is extremely comfortable for my kids. There is a lot of room to move around in it and enough padding inside the bag to have a relaxing and comfortable night's sleep.

Q: What is your favorite feature on the sleeping bag?
A: The best feature is how soft the sleeping bag is. When choosing a sleeping bag for kids, that is such an important factor. You have to be sure the sleeping bag doesn't have any rough edges, there is nothing sticking out, and the bag is soft enough for the kids to sleep well during the entire night. And even though it's soft, you can tell that it's a very durable product.

Q: Is this sleeping bag heavier or lighter in weight than other sleeping bags? Is it easy for young children to carry themselves?
A: It was very light, making it very easy for my kids to carry! It's perfect for camping, especially if the kids want to help unload the car. Normally camping equipment can get pretty heavy and small children can't really help out. With this bag, it's so easy for them to help their parents unload the car when they get to the site.

Q: Was it easy to pack the sleeping bag away in the stuff sack?
A: Yes. It was extremely simple to pack this away. My kids had no trouble at all.

Q: Would you recommend this sleeping bag to parents who plan on taking their children camping?
A: Yes. This sleeping bag is perfect for children. It's comfortable, warm and easy for the children to load and pack away. It is a great sleeping bag for kids.

Q: Is there any unique feature that sets it apart from other children's sleeping bags?
A: It's one of the first sleeping bags I've seen that is specifically designed for young children. It's the perfect size, weight and all around design.

Q: Are there any improvements you would suggest for the sleeping bag?
A: No. I think this bag is perfect the way it is. Parents couldn't ask for a better sleeping bag for their kids.

Q: Other than camping, would this be a great item for a child to use for other overnight occasions?
A: Yes. This is a great item to use for slumber parties or if you go camping in the backyard with the family.

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