A Mom's Thoughts During Back-to-School Registration

I dread the back-to-school routine. It's not so much that the kids are back in school and have to follow a morning and night routine, but the act of getting a child enrolled in school prior to the first day of class.

I have to take an entire day off work to go during specific business hours. Then, I have to hope the line isn't too long; that I get there early enough for the school supplies buy; make it into the limited availability for after-school care; and that I have all the necessary documents for registration. Showing up, that's the easy part.

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Thoughts I had during my daughter's registration:

-Why does this take so long?
-Why is the line so long to show paperwork?
-Of course you didn't know you needed a birth certificate, social security card, lease or mortgage, utility bill, driver's license, shot records, and the blood of your first born to complete registration.
-I have my file folder full of the necessary paperwork. Right? *Quickly, double checking because I'm now second in line!*
-Oh look, that guy cut, I'm sure it's only for a quick question and then he'll go back to his spot.
-Nope. Not going back. Awesome.
-Um, is she actually up-to-date on shots, or did I misremember that? *Google searching vaccination requirements by age.*
-Phew, OK, her shots are up-to-date.
-Why did people bring their kids? Let's make registration kid-free next year. It'd probably speed up these processes.
-I should have brought my daughter so she could see the school.
-Then again, she'd be asking questions, and I only have enough patience for waiting in line at the moment.
-Oh man, this line is worse than the last one.
-Why are there so many lines?
-What is this line even for? Still for shot records?
-Hey, parents, stop telling your kids you have to show shot records because it obviously makes them think they're getting shots after waiting in this line.
-Shot records verified! Now on to the next line!
-Online registration, yes I did that when it opened. Please let her name be on the list.
-There it is! Wait, another line?
-What is this line even for? Oh, yes she speaks English at home and writes in English. Only English. Should she know another language already? I mean she's taken classes in Spanish and learned American Sign Language when she was a baby. But it's not like she'll remember any of the signs except "more" and "cookies."
-Oh, this isn't the last line? There's a whole other room of lines? Goody.

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