Robot Coding

Sparkiverse Labs - Duveneck Elementary School

Monday, August 3, 2015 - Friday, August 7, 2015
Duveneck Elementary School 705 Alester Ave Palo AltoCA  94303
Monday, August 3, 2015 - Friday, August 7, 2015
Duveneck Elementary School 705 Alester Ave Palo AltoCA  94303

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What's Included

No more choosing between robotics or coding! In Robot Coding, our students combine their love of playing and building robots with learning to code. While it’s cool to code an on-screen robot, it’s another thing to build and code a robot (to navigate) the real world. This class uses two brand new products -- Dash & Dot and Quirkbots -- to help children conceptually and physically connect the online and offline worlds. This isn't your typical robot class! Dash & Dot are robots that drive around, connect, and interact with each other. Students use a visual programming app called Blockly to code Dash and Dot to go on adventures, play music, draw, race, and even recognize each other. Using Blockly, students learn the fundamentals of coding, exploring key topics such as conditional statements and nested loops. Then we help campers apply it to “real life” robot scenarios - helping robot buddies Dash & Dot sense their surroundings and navigate their way in our world. With Quirkbot, drinking straws become the framework for imagination. Quirkbot uses a microcontroller that can be connected to construction toy Strawbees as well as LEDs and motors – and, yes, drinking straws – and programmed with a unique visual programming tool. Students build their own Qreatures by squeezing on electronics (no soldering) and snapping on backpacks to add functions like sound, light, and motion. Between Dash & Dot and Quirkbots, your camper gets to stretch their imagination, watch it come to life in the real world, and code it to go on its own adventures. REMINDER: TUITION INCLUDES LUNCH, SNACKS, LAB FEES, EARLY DROP-OFF AND AFTER CAMP!

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We are an afterschool and summer camp program that invites elementary school students into the world of technology and electronics using games and fun.

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  • Sparkiverse Labs

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Duveneck Elementary School 705 Alester Ave Palo AltoCA  94303
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